Project Logistic Supply

As a reliable and experienced company in shipping container supply, TCI Logistic can meet the demand of large quantities of containers with excellent conditions. We offer various types of containers that can be purchased or rented for Project Logistics.

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Container for Rent

We understand that apart from the container rental price, there are several reasons why you choose to rent a container instead of buying it. Using the container for short-term projects or don’t want the responsibility in managing the container after done using it can be one of the reasons for renting a shipping container.

Whatever the reason, we are pleased to rent our Container for your Project Logistics requirements. Click button below for more information about Containers for Rent.

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Container for Sale with Buyback

For a long-term project, purchasing containers can be a better solution. Therefore, we provide a container for purchase to meet your Project Logistics needs.

For certain conditions, the buyback can be applied to the purchased container after you are done using it. Click button below for more information about Containers for Sale with the buyback options.


Our containers types


Refrigerated Container

The Refrigerated container is a type of container which has a built-in refrigerator system allowing the units to safely transport products that must be kept at a specific temperature to avoid the damage and ensure the freshness and quality of the products.


General Purpose Container

The General-Purpose Container is also known as the standard container or dry container. General Purpose Container is the most popular type among all containers. This type of container is strong, durable, and cost-effective for transporting dry goods and cargoes by sea and land.

iso tank

ISO-Tank Container

A container tank is a special container that was manufactured following ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards to store and transport liquids, powders, or gases. We have a wide range of ISO tank container types that can accommodate loads whether it is a dangerous product or not in a safe condition.

- Our success story

As a company that has experienced in Shipping Container supply for more than a decade, PT Tradecorp Indonesia is always pleased to accommodate the container delivery for our customer.

In delivering Shipping containers, the destination point needs to be taken into an account. In several cases, we have a task to deliver containers to the city center using a Trailer. Driving an over-dimension truck in the city center needs to be handled with a specific requirement.

Therefore, to solve this problem we provide escort vehicles as a requirement to guard a big truck for passing the protocol roads. In the end, we are always happy to help our customers in delivering a shipping container for them at any destination that they want.


  1. Years of experience in delivering Shipping Containers
  2. Years of experience in handling Shipping Containers
  3. Experienced and professional drivers


  1. We have a proven experience in delivering shipping container safely.
  2. We offer competitive pricing
  3. We are flexible in delivering any type of products like dry, frozen, and over-dimensional  products
  4. We apply the latest technology to our services for customer convenience & efficiencies