TCI Logistic offers Inland transportation services with a complete variety of fleet and experienced drivers. You can enjoy our trucking services both on call and contract-based.

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On Call

TCI Logistic offers on-call trucking where our fleets will pick up goods from the origin location that has been appointed by the customers and deliver them to the appointed destination.

This is the right service for those who need a short-term or one-way trucking service. Click button below for more information.

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Contract Base

TCI Logistic offers a Trucking service with a contract system where our fleet will meet your transportation needs according to a mutually agreed contract.

Contract-based services are the right choice for those who need long-term trucking services. Click button below for more information.


Our Fleet

TCI Logistics owns a wide variety of trucks that ready to serve your delivery requirements. You can use our trucking service to transport products like Dry goods, over-dimensional products, and frozen products.

Regular Truck

We offer regular trucking like container trailers to transport containerized cargo.



We offer Flatbed as an option for those who require a trucking service to handle over-dimensional products such as machinery, heavy equipment, and timber.

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Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated transportation (or reefer freight) is the best option for those who require temperature-controlled vehicles for their business. The truck has a built-in refrigeration system that keeps products at a desired temperature throughout the transportation process.

- Our success story

As a company that has experienced in Shipping Container supply for more than a decade, PT Tradecorp Indonesia is always pleased to accommodate the container delivery for our customer.

In delivering Shipping containers, the destination point needs to be taken into an account. In several cases, we have a task to deliver containers to the city center using a Trailer. Driving an over-dimension truck in the city center needs to be handled with a specific requirement.

Therefore, to solve this problem we provide escort vehicles as a requirement to guard a big truck for passing the protocol roads. In the end, we are always happy to help our customers in delivering a shipping container for them at any destination that they want.


  1. Years of experience in delivering Shipping Containers
  2. Years of experience in handling Shipping Containers
  3. Experienced and professional drivers


  1. We have a proven experience in delivering shipping container safely.
  2. We offer competitive pricing
  3. We are flexible in delivering any type of products like dry, frozen, and over-dimensional  products
  4. We apply the latest technology to our services for customer convenience & efficiencies